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Isun Electronic Recharging Center

Isun Electronic Recharging Center

In attention to the multiplicity of Mobile Operators in the country and the need to facilitate the sale of electronic direct recharging for the banks and the Payment Services Provider Companies (PSP) in  all over the country through all banking gateways and sales  terminals and independent of the different protocols of communication of the Mobile Operators, ISUN Mobile Services Co. has established the needed infrastructure to manage the buying and selling process , its own exclusive sale of electronic direct recharging, to play a key role among the Mobile Operators ,the Banks and the PSP Companies , in addition prevents signing multiple contracts between mobile operators from the one hand and the Banks and PSP Companies on the other hand , facilitates the process of Supplying electronic direct recharging to the final consumer.

It does not need to take pin code or charging pin in ISUNs sale of electronic direct recharging method, in this method it will be enough to get the mobile number and the amount of customers needed recharge and after payment confirmation receipt immediately the customers mobile, will be charged to the purchase amount.

In order to increase security, process of financial transactions will be done on the Bank gateways and after completion of the procedure of deducting the money from the buyers account and depositing it in the ISUN Mobile Services Co. Bank account and one purchase order of recharge will be sent to the data center of the company which includes the following information:

·        Mobile number

·        Amount of recharge 

·        Bank payment Tracking code

Mobile Operators enable their subscribers to follow tracking code through mobile numbers. 

In the process of providing recharge, Bank is responsible to transfer the recharging amount from the buyers account to the ISUN Mobile Services Co. account and transferring purchased recharge to the buyers SIM card is the Companys responsibility. Isun Services Companys calling center is responsible The Call center of ISUN Mobile Services Co. is answering users, including the mobile operators, the Banks, the PSP Companies and end-users.


·        Isun Electronic Recharge Center is a proper alternative with different systems to communicate with Mobile Operators in the country with different protocols and specific technical issues that easily provide the sales of electronic direct recharging all Mobile Operators for the Banks and the PSP Companies.

·        The Bank Settlement Operations and also reconciliations between the Banks and Mobile Operators will be duty of ISUN Mobile Services Co.

·        Considering the experience of Isun Mobile Services Co. in the providing Electronic Banking Services, this service also is provided specialized and with capabilities of integration with the other banking systems.

·        Lack of needs reverse charge in the process of sales