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SIM-based on mobile banking (STK)


Isun SIM Bank, Mobile Banking Based On SIM-Card (STK)

Growth of mobile use, especially smartphones, on the one hand it is promising new trend, extensive and readily available to keep and enhance the Banking customers and has created the capability to offer banking services  at any time and any place and on the other hand due to the diversity of mobile handsets , their operating systems and the used technologies, providing  the Homogeneous mobile payment services to the various Mobile Handsets has been faced  a  problem , STK technology in providing banking services for solving the above problem has been handled.


Mobile banking services are dependent on the trilateral cooperation of Operator, Isun Mobile Services Co. and the acting Bank. In fact in Mobile Banking Based on SIM-Card the Operator and ISUN Mobile Services Co. are interface between Banking customers and the acting Bank, so that provide the citizens a simple and secure infrastructure of communication for banking services.


Isun Mobile Services Co. by developing an exclusive software and installing it on SIM-Cards of mobiles, cooperation with Mobile Operators, providing banking services to the banking customers through its exclusive software. On the other hand this software makes security and encrypting on messages sent over the network possible, so as to increase the security of transactions to the highest level.

Isun SIM BANK by providing the Management panel allows to the banks to define their own menus and processes, and these processes to be updated immediately with the first client connection to Isun SIM BANK.