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About us


Isun Mobile Services Co. as an activist in the electronic and mobile payment industry in Iran and as a one of the companies covered by Informatics Services corporation, has been operating with the aim of the development of this industry in the country and for its part, has gained remarkable achievements.

Based on strategic management document  Isun Mobile Services Co., relying on the specialists’ capabilities and the capacity of its shareholders, offer its services through innovation based on technologies, new businesses and banking network , infrastructure of  communication and telecommunication Country. So that , In addition to creating added value for all stakeholders,  will have a key role in completing activities of shareholders in order to strengthen and development of governance in payment systems.


Some of the major products and services of the company are as follows:

Isun SIM Bank   : Mobile banking based on SIM card (STK),

Isun Electronic Recharging Center (ERC),

Isun Online Mobile Wallet,

Isun Proximity Payment Based On Mobile (NFC),

Isun Electronic Bill Present and Payment (EBPP),